Banyaks' Treasure Island, Bangkaru.

Surf the Waves of the Banyak Islands and Simeulue of Aceh
North Sumatra, Indonesia.


Join Surf Banyak Islands and Surf Simeulu Island as we go surfing throughout Aceh, North Sumatra. Surf the North Sumatran waves of Banyaks Islands, Simeulue Islands and also Hinako's Asu, Bawa and Nias. Surfing at Banyak Islands "Treasure Island" and "Bay of Plenty" is like stepping back to the early days of Sumatran, Indonesian surf exploration and discovery. Surf the wildlife sanctuaries of the Pulau Banyak's groups and also Pulau Simeulue's islets Babi and Lassia. Surf Simeulue Island's Thailands, Tea Bags, Matanarung, and the peak "Jackals" from our own surf land camp "Awauk Away Surf Lodge" on Simeulue Island's south-west coast. After multiple circumnavigations of Simeulue Island with boatMahtab we also do surf and scuba dive explorations of Simeulue Island along with surfing the aready well known breaks of the Banyak Island's, Bangkaru and Tuangku. Dive along the east coast of Simeulue Island, and around the Pulau Banyaks and surf the world class breaks of the Banyak Islands at Bangkaru's "Treasure Island" and Tuangku's "Bay of Plenty". Surf coastal Sumatra with Surf Banyak Islands and Surf Simeulue Islands and the comfort of boat Mahtab.

Map of Aceh, Sumatra: Banyaks and Simeulue.
Simeulue and Banyak Islands Map