Treasure Island

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Treasure Island
Treasure Island

Bay of Plenty Right
Bay of Plenty 'Right'

Treasure Island

Bay of Plenty Left
'Lolok Left' Bay of Plenty

Surfing Bangkaru's "Treasure Island" and
Tuangku's "Bay of Plenty"


Treasures barrel
Treasure Island


Surf locations in North Sumatra where a surreal sunset around an ancient rainforest is the backdrop. Then chill on the upper deck of Mahtab after your evening session with a cold one. In the background through the thick night air, light offshores rustle the overhead canopy, and giant swells that have traveled thousands of miles from the Antarctic, pound the reefs around you. North Sumatra locations Bay of Plenty, Treasure Island, Cobra Logs, and all around Pulau Banyaks and Simeulue Island, Surf Banyak Islands gets you to the surf in safe comfort. If the swell happens to be down temporarily, we have ocean paddling kayaks, fishing,  and snorkelling equipment.


'Inside Right'
'Gunturs' Inside Right, Bay of Plenty